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Organic Chicken Thighs (2 Piece)

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Pusateri's is proud to have partnered up with Fenwood Farms on our Organic Poultry Selection. They demonstrate great fundamentals; Great Product, Humanely Grown, Pasture Grown, Organically Grown. Oven Roasted or BBQ'ed, the aroma of good old fashioned grown goodness will fill the air. Add your favourite Spices, Herbs, Chicken Stock and Wine at least 4 hours prior or overnight. BBQ: Pre Heat BBQ to 500°F, to sear, then reduce to 325°F to cook. Oven Roasted: Pre Heat oven to 400°F, to sear, the reduce to 325°F to cook. Cook until an internal temp of 74°C (165°F) is reached for at least 15 secs.