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Beef Flank Steaks (per lb)

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$16.99 / lb


The Flank Steak is a large steak that slices perfectly for 4 to 5 people or a great topping for a hearty salad. Marinated for at least 4 hours prior to cooking. For Oven Broiled or BBQ Grilling, Sear on High Heat a few minutes per side, then reduce to medium heat for a few minutes per side. For Pan Searing and oven bake, Sear in oil or butter, on high heat for a few mins per side, then bake at 350°F. Cooking times vary. Medium rare: Cook until internal temp is 145°F for 15 secs. Medium: Cook until internal temp is 160°F for 15 secs. Well done: Cook until internal temp is 170°F for 15 secs.